Resolution 4

Resolution 4:   MNYS to Use the Bridgebuilder Process

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Whereas the Metro New York Synod/system is experiencing both disruption and pain as former Bishop Rimbo has left the office; and

Whereas this disruption offers an opportunity, after thoughtful and intentional evaluation, to move in a positive direction; and

Whereas the Bridegbuilder process provides a vehicle by which our synod can move from a focus on weakness to strength, from anxiety to clarity, and to grow and enhance the ministry we do together; therefore be it

Resolved, that the Metropolitan New York Synod engage or accept a qualified facilitator from outside this synod to lead us through the Bridgebuilder process.

Submitted by,

The Rev. John A. Jurik, Interim Pastor, Ascension Lutheran Church, Franklin Square

The Rev. James Watrud, Christ Lutheran Church, East Northport

The Rev. Thomas Taylor, St. John’s Lutheran Church, Lindenhurst

The Rev. Martha Jacobi, Pastoral Assistant, St. Luke’s Lutheran Church, NYC

The Rev. William Eschen, Associate Pastor, St. Peter’s Lutheran Church, NYC

The Rev. Jeanne Warfield, Pastor, Grace Lutheran Church, Forest Hills

Resolution 4 pertains to the ongoing process begun by the resignation of the bishop. The Committee on Reference and Counsel recommends the assembly consider this resolution as an offering helpful to the discussion and delineation of this process.


The Bridgebuilder Process

A structured process for helping religious organizations (such as synods, schools, and congregations) in times of transition and tension.

The purpose and elements of the process:

  • A process of growth toward health and peace.
  • A multi-step process including consultation, teaching and coaching of leaders.
  • An objective view of the organization’s emotional system.
  • A way of empowering the organization to manage their situation in healthy ways.
  • A focus on strengths not weaknesses.
  • A process of finding shared vision and opportunity for the future.
  • A renewal of purpose, mission and organizational health.
  • A process to increase the leadership capacities within the organization.

The primary Bridgebuilders are the people of the synod who are in the best position to effect decisions, changes and direction. A French proverb says “Change is a door that can be opened only from the inside.” Bridgebuilder is a way to help this happen.  It is about empowering people to create a new future.