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S. Dcn. Donna-Mari Fieldsa Report


S. Dcn. Donna-Mari Fieldsa

Director for Finance, Administration and Grant Management

We continue to embrace the Bishop’s 2025 Vision by sharing the Gospel of Christ while helping those in need throughout the Metropolitan NY area. The 2025 Vision guides me as a new member of the Office of the Bishop staff, as our resources and activities are focused and aligned with the values and priorities of the Vision.
I joined the staff during the fall of 2020, and what a transition it has been!
This last year during COVID-19 times, we worked remotely and grants were put on hold for this fiscal year. Still, we worked closely with the Vision Team Taskforces, the Financial Management Committee (FMC), and the Synod Council to continue serving the priorities of our Mission: Evangelism, Leadership, Congregations, and Advocacy.
Considering our vision, values and priorities, the bishop and staff continually evaluate the methods that are working and those that do not work anymore given the changes in our environment. These efforts are helping our synod become stronger and move boldly into the future, while continuing the Lutheran tradition and responding to specific needs of our leadership, congregations, and those in need in our area.
I have been so blessed by the opportunity to serve God here.
I enjoy working toward making the financial processes and procedures more efficient and understandable for my colleagues, treasurers, and financial committees.
In addition to preparing the monthly financial statements and narratives, I work closely with the FMC, the Treasurer, and the executive staff to develop the annual budget and provide ad hoc financial reporting as requested. I have also implemented a new audit process this year, which is cloud-based. Work with the audit firm has been successfully carried out remotely.
A few of the highlights from this past year include the ability to help congregations in need with COVID Loans during the closing of our church buildings due to the pandemic. Additionally, we were able to keep our mission support to ELCA as committed.
In closing, I would like to thank my colleagues for their support and help, especially during my onboarding process. I thank God for this wonderful opportunity: to be working with such dedicated people who value our church's mission and have the ability to share my gifts and live my vocation for Christ each day.