You can find many online helps for child, youth and family ministry. Here are some to get you started!

ELCA Youth Ministry Network
To "strengthen and empower adult youth ministry leaders in service to Christ as a part of God's mission."

Exemplary Youth Ministry
Luther Seminary’s site on the spirit and culture of youth ministry, based on a national study of congregations in seven denominations. Resources, free online seminars and more to help congregations maximize the insights of the study.

Faith Inkubators
Creative resources (some free to non-members as well as members). Free CD-ROM sampler.

Here We Stand Confirmation
Online resources, webinars and networking through Augsburg Fortress, the publishing house of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, to make confirmation planning "easier than ever before."

Institute for Youth Ministry
Princeton Theological Seminary’s forums, conferences and one-day training events emphasizing theological education for people who work with youth.

Lutheran Ministries in Higher Education
Campus ministry at Columbia University and Queens College in New York City

Lutheran Student Movement
A student-led, Christ-driven organization active at local, regional, and national levels, promoting student participation in the life and mission of the Lutheran Church on campuses, in communities, and as individuals.

Search Institute
Tells of 40 developmental assets that youth leaders should know; a two-year study in 17 countries of young people’s views on spiritual development; and more about what kids need to succeed.

Taking Faith Home
Ideas and resources for congregations and families "as they strive to pass on faith in Christ from generation to generation."

Theological Education with Youth
A joint initiative of Philadelphia and Gettysburg Seminaries to amplify love of theology and expression of that love in leadership, primarily among high school youth in Regions 7 and 8 of the ELCA.

Youth & Family Institute
Vibrant Faith Ministries works to equip congregations, families and individuals to live a vibrant faith in Jesus Christ and share it among all generations.

Youth Encounter
"Partnering with Christian communities to strengthen their youth ministry." Founded by Lutherans in Minnesota in 1965, YE serves churches of all denominations, nationally and internationally.