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Responding to the Coronavirus Threat: WHAT CAN WE DO IF SERVICE ATTENDANCE REDUCES?



“We are all stronger, more efficient, and better equipped to face challenges of every degree as a calm, collected, and cognizant church community. Each of us, along with our holy siblings, can remain safe and untethered by acting collectively and responsibly. With the Holy Spirit in our hearts we may be the shining example of hope and courage.” – Bishop Paul Egensteiner (Read the Bishop’s pastoral letter concerning the Coronavirus, HERE.)


What to do if service attendance lowers in your congregation in response to the current Coronavirus threat?
  1. Livestream services online, this way members can still be engaged and present with God’s blessings and the supportive Lutheran community from the comfort of their home.
    • Please note that your services or events may contain music that is copyright protected. In order to avoid any potential issues, consider subscribing to CCLI Church Copyright License. For more information on this topic and about CCLI, click HERE.
  2. Create an electronic donations page. In this way members can still remain active and involved in church, through contributions to Mission Support.
    • The ELCA's preferred digital giving platform is Vanco. Congregations receive special discounted rates on eGiving services. To learn more about this platform, click HERE.
    • A helpful article about other donation platforms can be found, HERE.
  3. Remain supportive, with an email or social media post of encouragement that also advertises these alternative ways to engage with their congregation.
  4. Create ads to support the livestreaming of your services. Be sure to include important details about your congregation’s services, such as time, date, special events, celebrations, etc.
  5. After your services have concluded, don’t forget to share your Livestream videos on all your social media platforms. Make sure to include service bulletins as PDF documents, along with your donation “Mission Support” button to encourage and further engage with members.
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