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The Climate of Justice


by Branden Dicks

Branden Dicks serves as the staff liaison to the Environmental Stewardship Committee.  


The Environmental Stewardship committee works to educate churches on issues of environmental integrity and promote specific actions that each church community and member can take to act with greater environmental responsibility.


On April 29th, students, faith communities, environmental organizations and indigenous nations all came to Washington, D.C. to march for the climate and justice for all. The Metropolitan New York Synod, organized by Gerry Falco and Pat Almonrode were many amongst the tens of thousands, standing proudly as stewards of God’s creation.


From noon to 2pm, we laughed and we marched from the Capitol to the White House to the Washington monument concluding by standing silently and then tapping on our chests to create a movement heartbeat. In this hopeful moment, our varied communities were all interconnected through the life that Christ has gifted to us.


Under the 90+ degree sun we were young and old, art and music, prayers and singing – this was the most beautiful march to witness.


This was God’s church at work.


Remembering Genesis 2:15 "Humans are commanded to care for God’s creation" we continue to do this because we know that creation is yet another one of God’s gifts to us and for that we are blessed.

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