Celebrating Black History: Navigating Faithful Leadership

Tuesday, February 20 & 27 | 7:30pm | Zoom

Join us for a powerful and inspiring exploration of faith, leadership, and the rich tapestry of Black history. The Metropolitan New York Synod proudly presents "Celebrating Black History: Navigating Faithful Leadership," a transformative free two-session virtual journey designed to empower all to live out their calling with purpose, prioritize community-oriented ministry, champion the principle of reparative justice, and practice adaptive leadership.
Over the course of two Zoom sessions, participants will engage in discussions, readings, and reflections on the life and contributions of selected historical Black leaders. Their experiences serve as valuable examples of individuals who lived out the themes of the program by integrating faith, activism, and leadership in their own unique ways.

Tuesday, February 20 | 7:30 pm

Session 1: Living Like Christ in Our Communities (Purpose) & Community-Oriented People (Priority)
  • Discover the inspiring legacy of John Lewis, a civil rights icon and congressman. Lewis employed nonviolent resistance and faith-based principles in his lifelong fight for justice.
  • Explore self-awareness, embracing uncertainty, and choosing values.
  • Uncover the remarkable story of Fannie Lou Hamer, a devout Christian and civil rights icon.
  • Diagnose challenges and opportunities for community-oriented ministry.

Tuesday, February 27 | 7:30 pm

Session 2: Reparative Justice (Energizing Others) & Adaptive Leadership (Skillful Interventions)
  • Reflect on the teachings of Bayard Rustin, a theologian who shaped the civil rights movement. 
  • Engage unusual voices and inspire collective purpose.
  • Learn from the wisdom of Ella Baker, a fearless civil rights organizer.
  • Develop skillful interventions for adaptive leadership.
Throughout the program, participants will engage in two 120-minute sessions filled with interactive discussions, faith formation activities, and spiritual discernment exercises. Experienced facilitators Rozella Haydee White and The Rev. Brady Radford will guide participants on this enriching journey, helping them apply the lessons of faith, activism, and leadership to their lives and leadership.
Why Join "Celebrating Black History: Navigating Faithful Leadership"?
  • Gain valuable insights and tools to lead with purpose and impact.
  • Connect with other people of faith who are passionate about community engagement.
  • Explore the lives of historical Black leaders who blazed trails of faith-based activism.
  • Be inspired to make a difference in your congregation and community.
Embrace this opportunity to deepen faith, enhance leadership skills, and create meaningful change. Register now for "Celebrating Black History: Navigating Faithful Leadership," Let's embark on this transformative journey together. Your faith, your community, and your leadership matter more than ever.