In our synod, we are intentional about our use of the term formation. Formation includes various ministries of education, but we seek to do more than provide information to people as a focus for those ministries. Rather, we are concerned with the holistic formation of God’s people in discipleship and for leadership. Formation involves the whole person. We are not simply interested in the intellectual development of the mind. Christ touches all dimensions of what it is to be human. Thus, formation also involves attention to wellness. Wellness itself is a holistic, expansive, and broad category, as indicated by the Wholeness Wheel portrayed here. Take some time to explore the dimensions of wellness by clicking on the wheel to explore Portico's web resources.  Explore the table below for various ministries of our synod and partners that offer resources, programs, and initiatives that will assist you in your walk to nurture your own wellness. Seeking wellness is central to being a disciple of Christ and is integral to effective and faithful leadership in a church in mission for the sake of the world.

The Wholeness Wheel was developed by the InterLutheran Coordinating Committee on Ministerial Health and Wellness, of which Portico Benefit Services is a member.

Read more about wellness in the Spring 2012 issue of the Lutheran New Yorker.

Download the Wholeness Wheel Labyrinth.

Synodical Wellness Resources 

Emotional Well Being

Lutheran Counseling Center

Stephen Ministries

Physical Well Being

The challenge of living well from Portico


Financial Well Being

Thrivent Financial

Portico Benefit Services

Vocational & Intellectual Well Being

Continuing Education Opportunities

Diakonia Program

Social/Interpersonal Well Being

Faith Resources