Logo and Branding Usage


The Metropolitan New York Synod (MNYS) of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) is multifaceted, and no two congregations are alike. But there are commonalities that tie us together, such as our belief in the transformative power of grace and our commitment to loving and serving God’s creation. Branding consistency can strengthen those ties. We strive to follow organizational guidelines to present a consistent appearance and message to both members and non-members throughout the world. 


This page is intended to provide clarity — both internal and external — regarding the use and implementation of our organization’s branding and related logo(s). As of the 2022 Churchwide Assembly, the ELCA unveiled an updated logo to reflect today’s modern times. The documents linked on this page highlight the specifics of this brand refresh, including colors, fonts, icon usage, and more. For any questions related to our organization’s branding and usage of its affiliated logos, please email Roberto Lara, Assistant to the Bishop for Communications and Development.



All organizations, including religious denominations, identify themselves through their branding; our church is no exception. Branding consistency supports a unified voice among all expressions of the church and increases the visibility of the ELCA throughout the world.

This brand is updated from time to time; now, in 2022, we are pleased to offer a refreshed suite of ELCA brandmarks — updated colors, fonts, and layouts provide flexibility to digital and print communications.


This refreshed brandmark will be used for all ELCA offices and teams on letterhead, envelopes, and business cards. Together we will maintain a consistent presentation from the churchwide organization, so we are all “speaking with one voice” on behalf of the ELCA, but will continue to support co-branding opportunities for synods, congregations, and ministries.

  • Because this is a refresh versus a rebranding, you may continue using current printed materials.
  • When it comes time to reprint or replace resources, the refreshed brandmark should be utilized.
  • The updated brandmark can be implemented as soon as your time allows on digital assets such as websites, social media icons, and digital resources.

This branding will help strengthen our identity as a unified church internally and externally and support our efforts toward the Future Church goals and initiatives. This refreshed suite of brand marks offers flexibility for various applications in our changing digital world.


For full details on the specific fonts, colors, and utilization, please CLICK HERE; for the full guidelines regarding the use and implementation of the ELCA brand and affiliated logos, CLICK HERE


Download the updated suite of logos below: