Usando tu Dispositivo para Votar 2019

Usando tu Dispositivo para Votar



How to Vote

After it has been announced that voting is open, press “Yes” or “No” or the letter or numeric choice then press the “Send Key.”  
To change your answer, press the “Clear Key”.  Retype your answer and press the “Send Key.”
If you accidentally press the “Menu Key” rather than the 
“Send Key”, your remote may say “help,” “User ID,” or “Session.”  Simply use the 
“Scroll Keys” to scroll to “Exit” and press the “Send Key” to submit your vote.  

If your screen says... 

It is in sleep mode. Push a button to wake the remote up.

...NO NET 
Press the “Send Key” to connect.

Head to the hospitality table in the Grand Ballroom to switch out your batteries or device.