ELCA Federal Credit Union

ELCA Federal Credit Union 

Richard H. Eatman, regional manager




The ELCA Federal Credit Union, founded in 2016, provides a full suite of financial products and services to members, congregations and ministries of the ELCA.  We are the first of the ELCA’s financial ministries to offer loans to individuals. The Credit Union offers a rich variety of products—from savings and checking accounts and CDs—to loans, lines of credit and credit cards.  And now, we provide home mortgage loans for new homes or remodeling, in addition to home equity lines of credit.

We serve ministries with deposit accounts, a flexible credit card program, auto loans and unsecured ministry loans up to $100,000 for small projects, such as building repair and purchases.  Our new CU@Work program presents the opportunity for ministry organizations to offer our Credit Union products and services to their employees.




In 2022, we ushered in the fourth cohort of participants in the ELCA’s Resourceful Servants program, designed to improve financial wellness and assist rostered leaders in building emergency savings funds.  In this matching program, ELCA rostered leaders make ongoing deposits to their Credit Union emergency savings accounts, and our partner MIF matches those funds up to an established amount.  Together, we already have served 657 rostered ministers who, collectively, have made emergency savings deposits of more than $1 million.

Our strong online presence offers members access to their funds anytime, anywhere—as consumers expect today.  


Why choose the ELCA Federal Credit Union?

  • The ELCA Federal Credit Union supports the ELCA’s mission of good stewardship.  We provide full services to all ELCA members, congregations and related ministries. 
  • Our mission is to offer competitively priced products and services.  We can often offer better rates and lower fees than traditional banks.  We have demonstrated success in providing savings to our borrowers.
  • With the church as our sponsor, we operate in ways that are consistent with the church’s values. 

Membership is open to every ELCA member, synod, congregation and ministry—and their employees.

For more information about the products and services of the ELCA Federal Credit Union,
please visit our website, or call us at toll free at 877-715-1111.