Environmental Stewardship Committee

Environmental Stewardship Committee

Gerard A. Falco, chair/president

Our Work

The Environmental Stewardship Committee is committed to assisting our Synod and others decrease their carbon footprints in a collaborative, coordinated effort across the ELCA. As a result of our committee's efforts, Lutherans have been a significant and visible presence at climate marches and other public demonstrations, and we were instrumental in the passage of the churchwide resolution on divestment from fossil fuels.

In 2019, our work was prominently displayed during the Annual Synod Assembly. We gave a four-part presentation outlining the urgency of climate change and suggesting a Lutheran Christian response. We also offered several workshops on such topics as environmental justice, social ethics, environmental theology and energy infrastructure. Recognizing the importance of encouraging and listening to the voices of our youth, we were also pleased to sponsor a beautiful display of environmentally-themed artwork at the Assembly, collected from our various youth groups throughout the Synod. The committee also helped organize Synod and other ELCA youth to attend the Children’s Climate March in New York City in September of 2019.


We Are Church Together

The committee is committed to continuing these efforts into the future, by reaching out to each of our synod churches individually, to connect with care for creation leaders and committees.


Get Involved!

If your church has good news to share, we invite you to let us know by contacting us at [email protected].