Assembly Basic Information



Voting members

Voting members at the assembly serve on behalf of all the people of this synod. Voting members are called to make decisions for the well-being of our synod and the whole church. Voting members of the 2019 Synod Assembly will be entrusted to elect our new bishop. To learn more about the bishop's election process, click here.

Constitutionally, voting members are:

  • All ELCA Rostered Ministers in our synod (Ministers for Word and Sacrament {Pastors} & Ministers for Word and Service {Deacons})
  • Lay congregation members and Synod Deacons* who have been elected by their congregation (typically voting members will be equally male and female)
  • Synod council members and officers of the synod
  • Ecumenical partners serving as pastor to a congregation of our synod

*Synod Deacons are granted voice, but must be elected by their congregation in order to be a voting member. Congregations are strongly encouraged to register Alternate Voting Members at no cost. Having alternates registered will ensure that if a voting member is unable to attend the assembly, the alternate can take their place. 

A formula has been adopted for the election of voting members by congregations and authorized worshipping communities based on the current year’s congregational statistics

  • Congregations up to 699 baptized members: 2 lay voting members
  • Congregations of 700-999 baptized members: 3 lay voting members
  • Congregations of 1,000 or more baptized members: 4 lay voting members
  • Authorized worshipping communities: 1 lay voting member



We encourage people to attend our annual assembly as visitors. Visitors must sit in the designated space but are otherwise free to participate in worship, forums, and community-building activities. This is a great opportunity for interns or those who want to learn more about our synod. 


Registration Fees

For our 2019 Synod Assembly, the registration fees are as follows:

Early Registration

Voting Member
$175.00 per voting member
Payment must be received by March 6
$75.00 per visitor
Payment must be received by March 6
Meal Plan (Optional) 
Payment must be received by March 6


Regular Registration

Voting Member
$200.00 per voting member
Payment must be received by April 24
$100.00 per visitor
Payment must be received by April 24
Meal Plan (Optional) 
Payment must be received by April 24


Onsite Registration

Voting Member
$300.00 per voting member
$150.00 per visitor
No meal plans available after April 24

Click here for a word about these assembly feesClick here to start your registration. ELCA-rostered ministers and Synod Council members who will not be attending the assembly are expected to request to be excused

Payment is not required to register, but must be received before the end of the registration period to lock in that rate. Click here for our full Cancellation and Payment Policy.


Meal Plans

A meal package will be available for $225. The meal package will include 3 lunches and 2 dinners. Breakfast will not be included. The deadline for the meal plan is April 24. Click here for a word about these assembly fees. 

Location and Room Reservations

The Westchester Marriott is located at 670 White Plains Road, Tarrytown, NY 10591.

Overnight Accommodations
The Westchester Marriott has a block of rooms for us at the rate of $164 per night. Reservations can be made anytime between now and April 24 by calling 914-631-2200 and stating that you are with the "Metropolitan New York Synod" or by clicking, here. Please note that this special room rate will be available until April 24 or until the group block is sold out, whichever comes first.

If you are tax-exempt, you must do one of the following for that status to be honored by the Westchester Marriott:

  • Bring a copy of your tax-exempt certificate and pay with a credit card that has the same name (i.e. a credit card that includes the church name)
  • Bring a copy of your tax-exempt certificate and a certified check from the bank
  • Mail a copy of your tax-exempt certificate with your check early enough for it to clear with the bank (often this is 2 weeks).

Frequently Asked Questions

Will there be Wi-Fi?
Yes! We are excited to be able to offer Wi-Fi again for our 2019 Synod Assembly. This will ensure a "Care for Creation," paperless Assembly.

Guidebook Mobile App
To be the best stewards of our resources, we are going paperless again this year. Our Assembly mobile app will be published on May 1st. If you desire a paper copy, you will be responsible for printing it on your own. Participants should plan to either print materials or bring a Wi-Fi-enabled device with them. The Guidebook app will give access to the bulletin of reports, agenda, and all details of the Assembly. All those resources will be also available on our website. 

If I don't have a device, will I be provided one?
No. You are responsible for your own device and are encouraged to either borrow one or plan to print items in advance. Guidebook supports iOS and Android. All our Synod Assembly resources will also be available on our website.
Please make sure your device is charged and ready before plenary sessions. If you are concerned about your device’s battery life, we encourage you to look into battery boost options. 

Do I have to pay to register?
Payment at time of registration is preferred but you may choose to send a check after registering. Please note that payment is due by the end of the registration period: March 6 for early registration, or April 24 for regular registration. Late registration fees must be paid to receive voting materials. If you register during the early registration period, you must pay by March 6 or you will be charged the rates for regular registration. If you register during the regular registration period, you must pay by April 24 or you will be charged the rates for onsite registration.

What if a registered voting member won't be able to attend? 
Register an alternate voting member. If you are looking to have the registration fees refunded, make sure you are familiar with our Payment and Cancellation Policy.

How many people from my congregation can attend?
We encourage anyone to attend as a visitor. The number of voting members from each congregation depends on their membership and type. Details are found in the Secretary's Memo.

Do Synod Council Members count toward my congregation’s total number of voting members?
No. Since they are elected by the assembly, they attend as a synod council member without changing the number of eligible voting members from a congregation.

Do retired rostered ministers get a discount?
Yes, but they must complete their registration before March 6, here, or call Maria Rodas at 212-870-2387.

How do I know I am registered?
When your registration is complete, you will receive a confirmation email. If you did not receive a confirmation email, please check your spam or junk mail. If you are still unsure, contact Maria Rodas at [email protected] or 212-870-2387, to confirm your registration.

How do I receive tax-exempt status for my hotel accommodations?
Individuals and congregations are responsible for their own accommodations. See more about what is required for the Westchester Marriott to honor tax-exempt status in our Payment and Cancellation Policy


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