Resolution Regarding MNYS Voting Members to the ELCA Churchwide Assembly

Resolution II: Resolution Regarding MNYS Voting Members to the ELCA Churchwide Assembly

An online hearing to present and discuss this resolution is scheduled for Saturday, April 29, at 10 a.m. Please join us by accessing the online hearing through this link.

Whereas the ELCA Churchwide Assembly is held every three years and is a wonderful opportunity to see the wider church in action while networking with our sisters and brothers across the US, and
Whereas there is always broad interest in being elected as a MNYS voting member, and
Whereas the ELCA incurs the cost for voting members, and voting members should be elected from the entire pool of eligible MNYS members, giving preference to first time attendees, and
Whereas there are some members of the MNYS that have had the opportunity to attend numerous times, while others have never had the opportunity.
Be it therefore resolved:

1. That all members of the MNYS be encouraged to put their names in for consideration, and

2. That MNYS members that have attended at least 2 ELCA Churchwide Assemblies be encouraged to withdraw their names for consideration on ballots where they are not the sole candidate.

Respectfully submitted by:
Vicar Jean Dougherty
The Rev. Robert Schoepflin
Ms. Susan Carentz
S. Deacon Roberta Detmers
The Rev. Kimberly Wilson
The Rev. Linda Bell
The Rev. A. David Anglada
The Committee for Reference and Counsel recommends adoption.