The Every Congregation Challenge

The Every Congregation Challenge

At Synod Assembly, the Anti-Racism Committee kicked off a new anti-racism initiative in 2019: The Every Congregation Challenge.  We are challenging every congregation in the Synod to engage in at least one intentional time of learning and conversation about racism this year.  

In order to help facilitate this, we have put together resources and discussion guides for you to use in your context.  We have a variety of topics to choose from, and within each topic, there are different ways to engage – from reading an article or watching a short video, to a movie night, to a book study.  These are great for use in an adult education hour or a special event. You can even pick your own resource to discuss. 

The goal is to get the conversation started — or to help it go deeper — and to use these occasions of learning and growing together as a starting point for taking action to challenge racist practices and systems in our churches and communities.  Planning to participate?

Fill out this form to let us know what you plan to do and how we can help!