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What's your mission?


by Pr. Lamont Anthony Wells


In order to get where you want to go, you must plan for the journey. Many of us would love to be an overnight success story, but the truth is preparation, planning, and lots of hard work are the predecessors of a manifested vision. When we were in college, many of us took necessary classes that we needed to graduate with a degree in the major chosen. The same is true as we move forward in church mission. We must execute a plan to bring the vision to pass. The journey of planning and preparing a missional strategy helps us put future and abstract concepts of vision into concrete action.


I believe that leaders and churches who spend time creating, developing, and executing missional strategies for church growth and health will experience deeper personal relationship and meaning with God. As we reflect more on God’s vision for our ministries, develop strategies with action plans moving in those directions, we’ll begin to see and experience ministry as less of an arduous and impossible task. We will experience mission as a series of God given and ordained checkpoints along the way.


I am currently assisting several congregations in developing their missional strategy. As I see them struggle, get excited, and grow in this process, I am encouraged to see the possibilities unfold. Particularly in the Bronx, three congregations (Fordham, St. Paul’s, and Resurrection) are preparing and revving up for a missional wonderland. Planning invites everyone to the table to help revitalize the congregation and make an impact on the community.


If you or your congregation are interested in partnering in creating and implementing a missional strategy for your faith community, please contact Pr. Lamont Anthony Wells, Director for Evangelical Mission ([email protected] or 212-870-2379).

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