Reference and Counsel Report


See Robert's Rules, here

Memorials address broad policy issues and are adopted by Synod Assemblies for consideration by the Churchwide Assembly.  Resolutions are requests for consideration or action synodically.  For more information, please see the Standing Rules of the Assembly.  The order in which they appear here is not necessarily the order which they will be addressed.

The Committee on Reference and Counsel recommends adoption of Resolution 1, Resolution 2 and Memorial 1. 

Resolution 3 and Resolution 4 pertain to the ongoing process begun by the resignation of the bishop. The Committee on Reference and Counsel recommends the assembly consider these resolutions as offerings helpful to the discussion and delineation of this process.


Resolution 1:  Seeking Greater Recognition of Declaration on the Way

Resolution 2:  Congregational Finance and Accounting

Resolution 3: To Facilitate the Election of a Successor to Bishop Rimbo

Resolution 4:   MNYS to Use the Bridgebuilder Process

Memorial 1:   The ELCA’s 50th Anniversary of the Ordination of Women